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P57 Paediatric IV therapy workshop

Course summary

This course is ideal for practitioners who work with children in acute care or in the community. It is relevant for those who are new to IV therapy and for those that would like to review their knowledge of current evidence based paediatric intravenous therapy practice.

Who should attend?

Paediatric Nurses
Paediatric Nurse Practitioners
Nurse Practitioners
Community Nurses

Important notes

Course material, certificates of attendance and evaluations provided.


Course duration Course CPD In-house Course
1 day(s) 8 hour(s) POA

In-house enquiry

Aims / objectives

  • To explore both peripheral and central venous access and associated devices.
  • To review and discuss theoretical and practical principles for preparing and administering IV therapy
  • To be more aware of the professional, legal, and ethical issues of intravenous therapy for the paediatric patient.
  • Document appropriately

Course programme

  • Definition of IV therapy and its purpose
  • Ways of delivering intravenous therapy (continuous, intermittent, bolus injection) and routes available including emergency, short term and long term.
  • Devices: Peripheral venous access/Central venous access
  • Preparing IV therapy including aseptic non-touch technique (ANTT)
  • Administration of IV therapy including pump devices and ANTT
  • Securing devices and maintaining line patency including the practitioner’s responsibilities for the IV site.
  • Fluids and total parenteral nutrition (TPN)
  • Drug calculations
  • Drug compatibility and instability
  • When things go wrong.
  • Professional, legal, and ethical issues of paediatric IV therapy
  • Documentation

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