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P41 Minor illness core skills for health visitors (0-5 year olds)

Course summary

In line with the Early Years High Impact Area no 5 as set out by the UK Department of Health (2014), this course offers participants the opportunity to develop key skills for safe and competent minor illness management in the younger child. A sound understanding of common illness presentations, potential red flags and safe management provides the focus of the day.  

Who should attend?

Health Visitors


Course duration Course CPD In-house Course
1 day(s) 8 hour(s) POA

In-house enquiry

Aims / objectives

  • Identify the seriously unwell or deteriorating child and arrange for appropriate care
  • Recognise and manage the most common minor ailments in children under 5, including safe home care advice and referrals to primary and acute care.
  • Review the evidence that supports management of and prescribing for minor illnesses in this age group.
  • Be more confident in supporting parents in their awareness of common illnesses in children through written and online resources.

Course programme

  • Recognition of the ill child including core skills of assessing for dehydration, capillary refill and observing for respiratory distress.
  • The febrile child. Assessment, home care or referral.
  • Common presentations, assessment and management.
  • Respiratory such as upper respiratory tract infection, sore throat, bronchiolitis or pneumonia.
  • Abdominal conditions including gastroenteritis, colic and reflux
  • Common skin presentations seen in infants and young children e.g. nappy rash, bacterial, fungal and viral infections.
  • Evaluations and close

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