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AR124 Annual Non-Medical Prescribing (NMP) V300 update course: Online

Course summary

This comprehensive update course is designed for non-medical prescribers (NMP) holding the V300 prescribing qualification. Aimed at enhancing Continuing Professional Development (CPD), the course covers key areas including legal and professional accountability, clinical governance, and independent and supplementary prescribing. Participants will explore medico-legal issues, evidence-based practice, prescribing errors, and adverse drug reactions. Emphasis is placed on improving clinical decision-making skills and ensuring safe, effective prescribing practices. This course ensures that NMPs remain current with best practices and regulatory standards in the UK healthcare system.

Who should attend?

All NMP with a V300, including nurses, physiotherapists, radiographers, pharmacists, optometrists, podiatrists, midwives and paramedics.

Important notes

NMPs are required to attend an annual NMP update. This course helps meet these requirements.

All course material, evaluations and certificate are provided.
The course runs from 10:00am- 4:30pm


Course duration Course CPD Full price (incl VAT) per person
1 day(s) 8 hour(s) £195


Dates Block size Block discount
17/09/2024 4 10%
26/11/2024 4 10%
31/01/2025 4 10%
25/03/2025 4 10%

Dates / venues

Location - venue Dates No. of people
Online - Online Delivery 17/09/2024
Online - Online Delivery 26/11/2024
Online - Online Delivery 31/01/2025
Online - Online Delivery 25/03/2025

Aims / objectives

  • Enhance CPD for NMPs: Ensure NMPs stay updated with the latest developments and standards.
  • Improve Legal and Professional Accountability: Strengthen understanding of legal responsibilities and professional conduct.
  • Strengthen Clinical Governance Knowledge: Promote high standards of clinical care and governance.
  • Update on Independent and Supplementary Prescribing: Keep abreast of the latest practices in prescribing.
  • Address Medico-Legal and Ethical Issues: Equip NMPs with knowledge to handle legal and ethical dilemmas.
  • Reduce Prescribing Errors and Adverse Reactions: Implement strategies to minimize risks and improve patient safety.
  • Support Evidence-Based Prescribing: Foster decision-making skills based on the latest research and evidence.

Course programme

  • Discuss Current NMP Updates and Clinical Governance: Understand the responsibilities and legalities involved in non-medical prescribing.
  • Examine Current Laws and Legislation Related to Independent and Supplementary Prescribing: Learn about frameworks that ensure high standards of care.
  • Discuss Medico-Legal Issues and Relate This to NMP Clinical Practice: Update your knowledge on prescribing practices and collaborative working.
  • Critically Discuss Practical and Ethical Issues in Prescribing: Discuss common legal issues and how to navigate them.
  • Discuss Common Pitfalls in Prescribing and Prescribing Errors: Incorporate the latest research into your prescribing decisions.
  • Examine Adverse Drug Reactions and How to Reduce Errors: Identify and mitigate risks associated with prescribing.
  • Discuss Prescribing Support Resources: Enhance your ability to make informed, safe, and effective clinical decisions.
  • Assess Clinical Decision-Making Skills in Relation to Evidence-Based Practice: Ensure high standards of care through effective decision-making.

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