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AR07 X-ray interpretation of minor injuries- includes Red Dot- CPD SO Accredited

Course summary

This virtual CPD SO accredited workshop on MSK x-ray interpretation for minor injuries links clinical presentation with relevant anatomy and principles of x-ray interpretation. The course covers patient assessment, radiographic referral, and interpretation, making it ideal for healthcare practitioners seeking to enhance their skills in MSK radiology.

Practitioners should ideally be working in an environment where MSK x-ray interpretation is part of their role, but the course may also be suitable for those making referrals for x-rays at another location. Clinical areas include minor injury units, A&E departments, out-of-hours services, and walk-in centres.

Who should attend?

Nurse practitioners
Medical students
Allied health professionals

Important notes

Equipment, course materials, evaluation and certificate of attendance

The course runs from 09:30am- 4:30pm

Completion of this course is not a guarantee of competency. Support and practice in the workplace with an experienced facilitator is required to attain competence level.


Course duration Course CPD Full price (incl VAT) per person
1 day(s) 7 hour(s) £195


Dates Block size Block discount
03/10/2024 4 10%
05/12/2024 4 10%
25/02/2025 4 10%

Dates / venues

Location - venue Dates No. of people
Online - Online Delivery 03/10/2024
Online - Online Delivery 05/12/2024
Online - Online Delivery 25/02/2025

Aims / objectives

  • Be aware of legal and professional issues regarding using x-rays as a diagnostic tool.
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate the basic anatomy of the upper and lower limb with clinical assessment skills in relation to radiological referral.
  • Make appropriate referrals for MSK x-rays.

Course programme

  • Legal & Professional Issues: Understand the legal and professional responsibilities associated with the use of x-rays as a diagnostic tool.
  • Principles of Normal and Abnormal Appearances: Learn to identify normal and abnormal appearances of bone, soft tissues, and joints on x-rays.
  • Paediatric Considerations: Special focus on the differences in x-ray interpretation in paediatric patients.
  • ABC Principles: Master the ABC (Alignment, Bone, Cartilage) principles for systematic x-ray evaluation.
  • Red Dot Principles: Learn the Red Dot system for identifying abnormalities on x-rays.
  • History Taking & Mechanism of Injury: Enhance your skills in taking patient history and understanding the mechanism of injury to inform x-ray interpretation.
  • X-ray Referrals: Develop competency in making appropriate referrals for MSK x-rays.
  • Upper Limb X-ray Interpretation: Detailed training on interpreting x-rays of the upper limb, including shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand.
  • Lower Limb X-ray Interpretation: Detailed training on interpreting x-rays of the lower limb, including hip, knee, ankle, and foot.
  • X-ray Interpretation Quiz: Test your knowledge and skills with a comprehensive x-ray interpretation quiz.

This course is designed to provide healthcare practitioners with a more thorough understanding of MSK x-ray interpretation, covering all aspects from legal issues to practical interpretation skills. By completing this course, practitioners will be better equipped to assess, refer, and interpret x-rays for minor injuries, enhancing their professional competence and patient care abilities.

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